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Mix de leituras, organização, tv, filmes, tecnologia e de mim, claro!


Mix de leituras, organização, tv, filmes, tecnologia e de mim, claro!

Classificar as minhas leituras

Por indicação da White_lady e da Canochinha_ descobri uma forma de classificar as minhas leituras da forma em que penso nelas: se valem ou não o dinheiro que nelas gastei. Normalmente eu penso nisso mas como sempre vi classificações estilo: "bom/mau/adorei" nunca vi a necessidade de as fazer. Se a minha crítica estiver bem construída, porquê estar a adicionar mais um elemento?

A classificação indicada foi originalmente pensada pela blogger do Calico Reaction e divide-se da seguinte forma:


Keeper Shelf: These books I love to pieces and it's highly likely I can't speak coherently or even critically about them, even though I try. Books on my Keeper Shelf may not be perfect (no book is), but my love for these books knows no bounds.

Must Haves: I might love these books, or I might just be in awe of them. These are books that don't make me a puddle of mush, but they're very, very good, and I feel they bring something to their genres that's necessary for readers to check out. But reader beware! What I think readers of a genre should check out may not be the standard by which the genre is commonly measured. This disparity will be most obvious, I think, in SF.

Worth the Cash: I enjoyed the hell out of it and/or liked it well enough to keep it around. This book may be part of a series or inspire me to read the rest of the series (if there is one), but whatever the case, the book's worth paying full price for. Fun reads may often wind up in this category, but don't hold me to that.

Buy the Paperback: Unless you're one of THOSE people that must have first edition printings of EVERYTHING you read, and/or are completely anal about owning hardbacks over paperbacks (like my dear, wonderful husband), then you're better off waiting to get this title as a paperback copy. Trade or mass-market, but probably mass-market. It's worth the cash, but after reading the hardcover, I could've definitely waited for the cheaper copy.

Find a Cheaper Copy: this is for those titles that are pretty expensive but may not ever see the paperback light of day. These books you should find on sale or used or in electronic format, because if you buy it new, you may not feel you've gotten the full bang for your buck.

Give It Away: It's an okay book. It didn't grab me enough to want to keep it around or continue with the series (if there is one), and it's a book I definitely plan on passing on to a more interested reader.***

Glad It Was Free: this means I either got it as an ARC or someone gave it to me or let me borrow it, and it's not fair to say I'd give it away, because I never really owned it to begin with, if that makes sense. Chances are, if this book has this rating, I probably WOULD give it away, because if the rating is closer to "Wish I'd Borrowed It," I'll just change the rating to "Glad I Borrowed It". The point is, I probably liked it well enough, but I'm glad I didn't spend any money on it. ***

Wish I'd Borrowed It: Reserved for books that I read out of mild curiosity and found that I would've rather borrowed the book than buy it myself. I don't mind reading these books and find them okay (or they might even annoy me), but there's no reason for me to let this book clutter myself. Borrowing is better.***

Waste of Time & Money: Pretty obvious, isn't it? Didn't like it, and/or it pissed me off and/or bored the snot out of me. Any one of these, or combinations thereof will do. It's a waste of my time and money, and I'll make sure I don't make the same mistake again.***

Couldn't Finish It: I really, really, REALLY hate NOT finishing a book I've started. I'm always hoping there will be SOME kind of payoff by the end, even if the payoff is the lesson of how NOT to write a book and therefore inspires a good rant. However, I've reached a point where I'm not going to waste my time. This rating will be used rarely, but it will be used.***

Isto é sem dúvida muito mais aproximado àquilo que eu penso de um livro quando o termino do ler. Sim, parece um pouco consumista, mas quando temos de dar perto de 20€ por um livro, é bom que esteja na categoria "Não voltas a sair da minha estante my prrrreciouuusss". E por isso vou ponderar utiliza-la no Ler e Reflectir...

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