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Mix de leituras, organização, tv, filmes, tecnologia e de mim, claro!


Mix de leituras, organização, tv, filmes, tecnologia e de mim, claro!

Interpretação de sonho

Esta noite sonhei que me tinham dado dois gatos iguais: um era saudável e o outro já estava doente. Ambos eram muito parecidos com a minha falecida gata.
Peguei no gato saudável para ir mostrar a uma amiga minha e na casa dela perdi o gato. Comecei a procurá-lo e vi imensos gatos, felinos e cobras mas não encontrei o meu gato e não queria ficar com o gato doente.



- Associated with independence, cleverness and unpredictability
- Look for magical and mysterious happenings in your life

Because a cat is often an easy source of physical contact and affection it can depict the need to be cared for and warm affection, even sexual love accompanied with intense warm feelings. For some women cats are a substitute baby, it is therefore used in many dreams to represent a woman's urge or need to care for someone, or directly her need to reproduce, therefore desire for sex; refined female sexuality or ruttiness unless the cat is markedly a tom. In a man's dream the cat may therefore refer to a woman or to the female, intuitive side of his nature.. It can therefore depict his intuition and feelings, perhaps warning him through its sensitivity to moods of unseen dangers. In some dreams it represnts cattiness - showing one's 'claws', jealousy, anger or vindictiveness in a relationship. In this aspect it might refer to ones mother; independence; stealth; fertility. In some dreams the cat definitely represents the fear of bad news or general fears. If you have bred cats it may well represent your own, perhaps unconscious, desires to have a baby. Jungians see the cat as representing a deep psychological secret, a hidden side of ones nature, the shadowy less obvious or outwardly displayed side of your nature. This is most likely because cats go about their business without any attempt to explain themselves or to accommodate us poor humans. Also they are creatures of the night very often, and live a dark life. Prior to the custom of neutering a cat and, in the US, removing its claws, this dark life was often very noisy and obviously sexual and aggressive. Left to itself th cat is a master predator. The cat is thought to have first been domesticated in Egypt about 2000 BC, and all modern cats are said to be descendents of them. The Egyptian name for cat was 'miu' or he or she who mews. Although the cat never became a fully acknowledged god figure as the jackal and hippo did, it was perhaps the most popular. She was known as Bastet or Bast, and a household goddess, the protector of women, children and domestic cats. She was also known as the goddess of sunrise, music, dance, pleasure, as well as family, fertility and birth. But there was a negative side known as Sekhmet the goddess of war and pestilence, though later tamed by Ra to become the protector of humans.
Alley cat:: Sexuality; promiscuity; down on luck.
Black cat: Depends what dreamer associates with it - so may be good luck or bad luck and evil - i.e. events working for or against one; anxiety.
Cat's claws: Spitefulness; desire to hurt; hidden aggression; clinging, or 'getting ones claws in someone'.
Cat having kittens: Desire for or feelings about babies or ones own babyhood; fertility.
Fear of cat: Fear of the female in oneself; fear of females; difficulty in meeting feelings and intuition; sense of danger. See: Animal phobias at the end of the animal section.
Group of cats: Group of women; relating to the different moods or feelings.
If allergic to cats: If you are allergic and dream of a cat it would signify a negative and threatening reaction to a situation or relationship.
Kitten: Feelings about vulnerability or babyhood; feelings about caring for someone or something vulnerable; parental urges, perhaps protectiveness.
Speaking cat: Ability to express feminine feelings, intuition or sexuality; a realisation of feelings of physical hunger or emotional or sexual attraction. See last example below.
Wild cat: Stealth, ferocity, cunning, ability to survive.

To see a cat in your dream, signifies much misfortune, treachery, and bad luck. However, for the cat lover, cats signifies an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. If the cat is aggressive, then it suggests that you are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself. If a cat is biting you, then it symbolizes the devouring female. Perhaps you are taking and taking without giving. You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. If you see a cat with no tail, then it signifies a lost of independence and lack of autonomy.
To dream that you chase the cat away, signifies that you will overcome your obstacles.
To see a white cat in your dream, denotes that you are going through difficult times.If you see a black cat in your dream, then it indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition. You may erroneously associate the black cat with evil, destruction, and bad luck.

Independent, having strong ideas about how things should be, lithe and adaptable, mysterious. Dreaming of this animal can represent:
- Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way
- Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this
- Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)
For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out. A cat can also represent an actual cat in your life, or your inner child (meaning that you could benefit from more attention to your self-care, self-reward, or self-focus). A cat in trouble, sick, or overlooked can mean you may be overlooking a responsibility for yourself or your life.


- Associated with transmutation, changes in consciousness
- Look for a transition happening in your life, take advantage of - Inner healing via new powers of creativity and wisdom

- Sneaky, stealthy, or passive aggressive
- A challenge or potential attack
- Perception of a sneaky action or intention, possibly with an element of sneak attack
- Perceived toxic or ill will
Dreaming of this animal can represent:
- Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way
- Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this
- Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)
For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.
A large number of snakes writhing might represent:
- Multiple problems or challenges, or one big complicated one
- Overwhelm

To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. The snake may also be seen as phallic and thus symbolize dangerous and forbidden sexuality. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

The snake can represent many different things, but usually the energy that expresses as our life processes. If we think of a person's life from conception to death, we see a flowing moving event, similar in many ways to the speeded-up films of a seed growing into a plant, flowering and dying. The snake depicts the force, purpose or energy behind that movement. It is the force of life, the latent energy or potential within us - that leads us both to growth and death, along with the passionate emotions and urges that drive us so powerfully. That energy - like electricity in a house, that can be heat, power, sound and vision - lies behind all our functions. So in some dreams the snake represents our sexuality; in others the rising of that energy up our body to express as digestion - the intestinal snake; or as the creative or poisonous energy of our emotions and thoughts, even disease; in the throat as destructive or constructive speech and language; in the head as thinking, perception and higher cognition. In the destructive aspect the snake represents the poisonous thoughts and emotions that can destroy us. We tend to depict this snake biting or attacking us, even though we have ourselves given rise to such poisonous emotions as hate and guilt. Because our life energy flows into thinking and emotions, we are in this way directing the creative force of life. Directing it negatively has the power to bring illness and death, for we are dealing with the power of life and death itself. But the snake can also depict the intestines, and their health. The opposite is also true. The power of life and death can be directed creatively. Then the snake is seen in its healing role in dreams, and in ancient times was shown in the form of the staff with two snakes coiling up it - caduceus - still used today as a symbol of the medical profession. See: energy sex dreams. The snake can shed its skin, and so symbolises self transcendence, rebirth. The the alchemists put a gold crown on its head, symbolising expanded or spiritual consciousness arising from the same energy as sexuality. Often a diadem, gem, or light is at its brow symbolising the possibility of expanded consciousness, or awareness of the eternal nature, and life in eternity. Christ is sometimes depicted as a crucified serpent.

Sweeney Todd

Fui vê-o porque da dupla Tim Burton / Johnny Depp. Com uma pontuação 10/10 num blog de cinema que costumo ler e o grupo de fãs que tinha para ir comigo fiquei convencida e fui ontem ver o filme.
Saí muito desiludida e até aborrecida do filme. É muito mau, principalmente as músicas! Compreendo que tinham que ser fiéis ao musical, mas tinha que ser tão mau? Nem me tou a queixar do sangue, adoro filmes de terror, por isso até foi um alívio quando ele começou a cortar gargantas, pensei que ganhasse ritmo a partir daí. Não, continuou chato!
Andará o Tim Burton com falta de ideias? Ele consegue muito melhor que aquilo... Horrível...

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